The Tellico Lake Amateur Radio Club (TLARC) was founded in December 2015 by Allan Tarbell (K1AT).  The club promotes amateur radio activities throughout the areas of Loudon, Blount, Monroe, and Knox counties.  A core group of club members participate in the Loudon County [Tennessee] Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) to support local races, community events, and the Loudon County EC and Emergency Management Agency as requested with amateur radio communications.  TLARC members participate in radio contesting and would be happy to add you to our log.  Frequent contests include:

We also have an active subset of members who love operate 'out in the field" where they enjoy experimenting with different field antenna designs and honing their QRP (low-power) operating skills.  You can read the exploits of these TLARC Field Nuts, as chronicled on the TLARC home page along with reports of other club activities. 


Our 70cm (442.100 MHz, PL: 100 Hz) repeater is located at EM75uq in the heart of Tellico Village.


TLARC Constitution




2020 Officers:

President: David Schoenherr, KN4LMM

I am a native of Wisconsin and have lived here about two years after retiring from law enforcement.  I served 8 years in the Army as a radar repairman.  My other interests are volunteering at the community theater, Tellico Lions and Tellico Village Fire Dept.. 

After being a shortwave listener for many years I finally passed my tests for Technician, General and Extra Class last year.  I look forward learning from the experience other members bring to the club. 



Vice President:  Sam Howard, KV4XY 

I had an early interest in amateur radio.  My brother (Rob, WW4WTF) and I were given Ch.14 walkie-talkies by an uncle at too young an age.  We later received a shoebox of CW code cassette tapes when we were around 11 and 12 years old.  However we lacked the self-discipline and attention span to spend the time and focus on learning the code.  We soon developed other interests (guitars, girls, later cars, and yes CB).  Both he and I completed Electronics from Virginia Peninsula Vo-Tech.  Strangely, amateur radio was not part of the school curriculum. I completed Nuclear Reactor Operator training at Memphis State University (1982).  From Memphis State (after being an Unlicensed RO, Surry Nuclear Power Station), I completed a BS in Nuclear Science (1986) and a MS in Environmental Engineering (1988) both from Virginia Tech.  Upon graduation, I went to work at Y-12 in Oak Ridge, TN.  In early 2014 while carpooling to ORNL, my brother opens and starts reading Ham Radio for Dummies.  “Why?” I asked.  He replied, “They dropped the code requirement.  We can finally get our licenses.”  So in March 2014, I earned my General as KK4YZX, and May 2014 the Extra as KV4XY.

 I’ve been active in local clubs since earning my ticket.  I enjoy building kits and antenna.  Learning and sharing knowledge are priorities.


Treasurer: Brad Berger, KM4OJK

My early interest in radio began as a youngin’ living in Cleveland, Ohio. My dad bought a Midland SSB CB base station, mounted an antenna on the side of the house and we started talking to folks. On special nights we could even talk to Canada via SSB. We would attend breakfasts which were nice for meeting whom you have been conversing with. Eventually, all of my friends and I had mobiles and it was a lot of fun chewing the fat while cruising around. Soon after, a friend got me interested in ham radio and I got my Novice (WN8ATO) in the early ‘70s. Though never having my own rig or doing much with the license, I was seriously into radio communications. I went on to enroll in a FCC Radiotelephone License class at the Ohio School of Broadcasting and eventually received my First Class Radiotelephone credentials. This landed me a job with Motorola (a whole story in itself) in 1978 and I lived out of a suitcase installing microwave communications for 3 years. Later I moved into sales with them calling on utility companies in the Midwest for 23 more years. After Motorola I worked 7 years for RCC Consultants as a Program Manager specializing in 800 MHz rebanding for public safety entities. Upon moving to Tellico Village in 2014, TLARC began soon after and my interest in amateur radio caught fire again. I am now an Extra Class licensee (KM4OJK) and trying to learn the “tricks of the trade.” I’m also a member of the Loudon County ARES group. For me the camaraderie amongst hams and their families is the best part of the hobby.


Secretary: David Andrews, N1ESK

David Andrews is a 12th generation Yankee, born and raised in southeastern Connecticut. He caught the radio bug after listening on his older brother's HF radio. First licensed as a Novice in 1987, he promptly upgraded to Technician, and finally upgraded to Extra in 2016. After college, he worked in the CATV industry for a few years then spent 30 years in the nuclear industry. David served for many years as a firefighter and EMT in Old Saybrook, CT and Vernon, VT, retiring as Vernon's Chief in 2012. He retired to Tellico Village in the fall of 2018. He comes from a family of hams, including his father KB1DRJ, two brothers, WB1EWS and KB1GKP, his wife N1REB, son KB1NWU, and daughter KB1NXN.

David is a life member of the Shoreline Amateur Radio Club (SARC) of Westbrook, CT, and a past technical advisor of the West River Radio Club in Townshend, VT.





George Heron, N2APB

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