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Quick News:

  • New Page:  What is Ham Radio? -- Whether you are new to Ham Radio, or an OT in need of a refresher ... you'll find these resources very helpful in better understanding our wonderful hobby!

  • This weekend, Nov 3-4 -- ARRL CW Sweepstakes contest

  • Feature Presentation from our October meeting:  Portable Operations in the Field (N2APB)

  • Nets & Activities:

    • Mondays:

      • 9:00 pm -- Tech Net on the 147.300 W4BBB repeater, covering everything from digital to HF and more.

    • Tuesdays:

      • 7:00 pm -- Monroe County Net.  Normally they have multiple repeaters linked together, but due to technical problems they currently only use 145.270 PL 127.3

    • Thursdays:

      • 6:30 pm -- Sevier County ARES Net on 146.940  PL 118.8

      • 7:30 pm -- Trivia, information, more ... WB4GBI 145.470 repeater (pl tone 118.8)

      • 8:00 pm -- Loudon County ARES Net on 146.685 PL 88.5

      • 9:00 pm -- Blount County ARES Net on 145.270  PL 127.3

    • Fridays:

      • 8:00 pm -- The Dixie Traders Net on the 145.370 W4KEV repeater. Buy, sell, trade.....or just check in

      • 9:00 pm -- DMR TG3147 Tennessee Statewide, The Tennessee Digital Amateur Radio Group Net

    • Saturday (last of each month):

      • 8:00 am -- Loudon County ARES Breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Lenoir City. Everyone is invited!


  • HamClubOnline - The online amateur club management system.  Active members of the club will receive an email stating they have been successfully added to the roster. You can log into the system for the first time by following the directions in the email  .. de Juan AC6ZM

  • New "TLARC Education Series" for October ... Learning Morse Code!  -- We're starting a new "Education Series" here on our TLARC website, wherein we focus on various specialties of our Ham hobby ... Emergency Communications, Contesting, Digital Modes, SDR, and more!  We're kicking things off this month with Learning Morse Code and will be providing lots of good resources for just that ... whether you haven't tried using CW on the air, or even if you have and want to improve your "fist".  See the first installment (video) below, and look forward to more cool, easy and free resources to appear soon on a separate page here in
    ENJOY ... and feel free to ask AC6ZM or N2APB about "anything Morse"!

(left-to-right): Dave KF4DKW, Sam KV4XY, Brad KM4OJK, Juan AC6ZM, Randy WK9M, George N2APB
(Not pictured:  Robert WW4WTF)






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