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  • Next TLARC Meeting:  March 20 --  The TLARC meeting for March is just around the corner. Mark your calendars for Wednesday evening, March 20th at 7:00 at the Tellico Village Chota Recreation Center. This will be preceded by a dinner at Tansai Bar & Grill at 5:30. Please email David N1ESK if you are interested in having dinner, as we need to provide a headcount in advance to Tanasi.

    • The March Program: Have you ever banged your head against the wall trying to figure out how to program the newest generation of portables? If so, then the March program is for you. Allen Tarbell will conduct an informal Baofeng programming workshop after the business meeting. Bring your radio and laptop if you have one. Please advise Allen if you’ll be participating and if you’re willing to assist him so that he knows what to expect and plan for.  

  • Hello? Hello? Anybody out there?  -- A February without sunspots :(   See details at  Thanks to Brent for the find.  The good news is that propagation is all uphill from here for the next 11 years!

                     Images Credit & Copyright: Alan Friedman (Averted Imagination)

  • TLARC February Meeting -- Sumptuous dinner beforehand (at Lorenzo's) and a great meeting right after, with a presentation from David N1ESK covering his recent trip to 2019 HamCation the week before in Orlando ... slides below and meeting minutes coming shortly!

                Download and view:   as PDF ... or as PowerPoint slides with embedded video on slides 18 & 46)

  • KN4DUA now a bonefide QRP member of NAQCC -- It's official, we are now a member of this very cool-and-fun national QRP group that sponsors a month-long "contest" ... every month!  The NAQCC events (called "challenges") throughout the year are based on using the letters in the stations contacted to fill out a "bingo card-like" grid to construct a set of words related by the monthly theme. See the RULES paragraph to learn how these wacky challenges work!  (The bingo card worksheet is a way to track progress, as shown in the tutorial.)


  • CQ RTTY WPX Contest ... our biggest score so far! - We activated KN4DUA with a big Team effort on Feb 9-10 and recorded the BIGGEST score of our recorded history!  All the member activity in the events leading up to this point are sure paying off, with team members this time including David KF4DKW, Mike KK6OKU, Brad KM4OJK, Sam KV4XY, Randy WK9M and Juan AC6ZM racking up the sweet score.  Full details and photos coming soon ... including those about the portabella mushroom & cheese steakburgers on the grill. (Those who participate are learning that partying, eating and drinking are wonderful side benefits of on-the-air activities with TLARC :)


  • Stealth Antennas ... New section for our website, exploring and discussing "stealthy ways" for TLARC members to get on the bands in HOA-sensitive communities.  For now just click on the desired antenna type below to learn more about that one.  Soon, we'll have a dedicated Stealth Antennas page full of additional tried-and-true antennas, references and guidance to enable us all to be on the air from 160m-70cm!


  • KN4DUA activated for FBYO Winter QRP Sprint ... It was rather short notice, but it was SO nice outside on Saturday Feb 2 that we activated the TLARC club call for the annual FYBO ("Freeze Your Butt Off") QRP Winter Field Day event!  This event occurs each year on the first Saturday of February, which is usually a cold winter day .. but we got a wonderful gift that day with a break from our cold temperatures so we grabbed our field antenna and headed for the hills!  George N2APB was located up at the Ft. Loudon Dam Overlook "grassy knoll" by the power station, and made enough contacts to (hopefully) get a certificate.

                      George N2APB working the "KN4DUA Station" with a W4OP Loop antenna and an FT-817 on his belly.

  • CQ World Wide 160-Meter Contest (CW) ... KN4DUA scores big at host WK9M QTH !!!  Operators this time included: WK9M, AC6ZM, N2APB, KF4DKW and KK6OKU.
    Click on any of the pics: (L-R) "Master Juan", "Sustenance", KK6OKU aka "The Man!", N2APB, and "The Score!"


  • Post-Holiday Club Dinner 2019 ... What a blast on Jan 19th at Classico's!  Great fellowship, great food and great fun ... 

  • North American SSB QSO Party (Jan 19) --  Great results from the KN4DUA club station on Jan 19th, operated at N2APB, with participating club members: Randy WK9M, Juan AC6ZM, George WB9TFR, David KN4LMM, David KF4DKW, Mike KK6OKU, and Sam KV4XY.   (Click on the photo!)


  • January TLARC Meeting ... Minutes and the Program: "Online HF Prediction Tools," presented by Juan AC6ZM.  Refer to the Voice of America Coverage Analysis Program (VOACAP).

  • Another "first" ... TLARC participated in the North American CW QSO Party on Jan 12-13 ... as a distributed team!  Randy (WK9M), George (N2APB) and Juan (AC6ZM) each operated from their own home stations under the registered name of TLARC Gold, and their impressive combined score have already been submitted.  Look for TLARC Gold in an upcoming issue of National Contest Journal!

  • ARRL RTTY Round Up contest  ... We activated the KN4DUA club station from Juan's QTH, from 6pm Saturday Jan 5 onward into the night and during Sunday.  Seven members helped us get a score of 17,892 ... nearly triple of what we did last year! Great Going TLARC Team!  (Operating time: 13 hrs 43 mins)


  • Results now posted for last month's 160 Meter Contest and KN4DUA scored in the top of our operating category!


  • TLARC Club Station KN4DUA ... was activated for ARRL Straight Key Night on Jan 1, 2019 ... (score coming shortly)

  • December Meeting Minutes ... It was a good meeting!  Read all about it here.

  • ARRL 160m CW Contest -- Some of our TLARC Field Nuts setup shop at WK9M on Dec 1-2 to work the club station KN4DUA in this annual Top Band contest!  Read all about our adventure here:


  • Run LoCo Marathon -- TLARC assisted with checkpoint communications in the recent (Dec 1st) marathon in Loudon County.  It was a chilly and wet day, but a good number of hearty members braved the elements to provide rest stop runner status via the club repeater.  "Thank You" to those participating: N4RPR, KF4DKW, KM4OJK, K4BNN, W8MKL, WK9M, KK6OKU, KN4LMM, K4XZT, K4TYS, K4MJF+Karen, and especially to communications organizer/director KE4OTZ. And BTW, the Lenoir City's News-Herald reported "Marathon runs without hitch!"
    (Click images below for higher res views.)




  • NEW ... Please enjoy "A Tail of Three Antennas" ...
    It was a cold-yet-sunny November 17th afternoon atop the Overlook Park at Fort Loudon Dam.  High tension power lines abounded leading in/out of the power generation facility, yet the airwaves were clear of that characteristic buzzing and the noise floor was low.  It was destined to be a good Field Nut day.  [Read more]


  • What is Ham Radio? -- Whether you are new to Ham Radio, or an OT in need of a refresher ... you'll find these resources very helpful in better understanding our wonderful hobby!

  • HamClubOnline - The online amateur club management system.  Active members of the club will receive an email stating they have been successfully added to the roster. You can log into the system for the first time by following the directions in the email  .. de Juan AC6ZM

  • New "TLARC Education Series" for October ... Learning Morse Code!  -- We're starting a new "Education Series" here on our TLARC website, wherein we focus on various specialties of our Ham hobby ... Emergency Communications, Contesting, Digital Modes, SDR, and more!  We're kicking things off this month with Learning Morse Code and will be providing lots of good resources for just that ... whether you haven't tried using CW on the air, or even if you have and want to improve your "fist".  See the first installment (video) below, and look forward to more cool, easy and free resources to appear soon on a separate page here in
    ENJOY ... and feel free to ask AC6ZM or N2APB about "anything Morse"!

(left-to-right): Dave KF4DKW, Sam KV4XY, Brad KM4OJK, Juan AC6ZM, Randy WK9M, George N2APB
(Not pictured:  Robert WW4WTF)


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